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Age: nineteen
Occupation: student/assistant
Sexuality: pansexual
Relationship Status : complicated
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Name of Significant Other: first last
Positive Adjective: role-model
Negative Adjective: anxious
Alias: Zen
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Lyrics: "everything will be so good so soon, so just hang in there and don
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May 8 2018, 11:29 AM
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Lee Jong Suk | 24-26
This wanted is for my lovely character Caia, a nineteen-year-old whose stricken with anxiety and nerves. The character that I’m requesting for her is going to be her father’s right-hand man in the mafia business, and also her love interest. Throughout the ad, I’ll be referring to him as JongSuk considering I don’t have a name for him, that’s up to whoever takes the ad! <p>
Anyway, how JongSuk ended up in the mafia business is completely up to you. Whether he sought it out himself or Caia’s father himself saw potential in him and decided to train him himself. Either way, Caia’s father will take a liking to JongSuk and will eventually give him the promotion of his right-hand man. Whatever work that entails is up to you as well. A few months ago, Caia’s father offered her a job working as his personal assistant, which she readily agreed because she wants to make her father proud. She doesn’t necessarily know what goes on in the business, but if it makes her father happy, she’s perfectly fine ignoring the questionable legality. <p>
So, since Caia is her father’s assistant now, that means both her and JongSuk will be working alongside each other a lot (she’s honestly his assistant as well). Now, for Caia, this is pretty much a nightmare because JongSuk makes her already present nerves ten times worse because she’s never had to spend time with someone so attractive before, which causes her anxiety to skyrocket. JongSuk has probably noticed this as she most likely stutters a little around him, so maybe he’ll tease her about it a little. <p>
Lately, Caia has been noticing that JongSuk is dropping hints that maybe he likes her, and it’s just confusing her more, but yes, JongSuk will probably be the first to admit that he has feelings for her. I think at first, they can just become close friends and Caia can find herself trusting him a little bit more. Maybe when he comes into the office all beat up from something she can clean him up, and then JongSuk can kiss her out of the blue. I don’t know, it sounds cute to me. <P>
His suggested face is Lee Jong Suk since he and Suzy have picspam, and I love gifs and all that, but if you cannot bring yourself to use him, you can run faces by me. His history is completely open as is his name and member group. His age should be around 24-26. Pleaseeeee take him! If you have any questions or are interested, don’t hesitate to reply to this thread or send me a message on Discord @ Zen#9243. <P>

<div style='font-size: 8px; letter-spacing: 1px; font-family: consolas; margin-bottom: 30px; padding: 5px;'> <a href=''> ARTIE ABRAMS. </a> </div>
May 7 2018, 01:40 PM
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<div class="name">CAIA LIM</div>

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<label for="Ntab-1"> <div style="margin-top:2px">overview</div></label>
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<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"></div><p></p>

<div class="insidetitle">\\ the basics \\</div>

<div class="insidetext"><p></p>

<b>FULL NAME:</b> caia mirabelle lim <br>
<b>NICKNAMES:</b> acai (considering her name is pronounced sai-a, and because she likes the berry as well) <br>
<b>AGE:</b> nineteen <br>
<b>BIRTHDATE:</b> december 12th, 1998 <br>
<b>ZODIAC:</b> sagittarius <br>
<b>MEMBERGROUP:</b> earthquake <br>
<b>HOMETOWN:</b> colorado springs, colorado <br>
<b>NATIONALITY:</b> asian-american <br>
<b>ETHNICITY:</b> south korean <br>
<b>GENDER:</b> cisgender female <br>
<b>PRONOUNS:</b> she/her <br>
<b>OCCUPATION:</b> university student, assistant for her father <br>
<b>EDUCATION:</b> high school graduate, currently attending university (creative writing major) <br>


<div class="insidetitle">\\ appearance \\</div>

<div class="insidetext"><p></p>

<b>NATURAL HAIR COLOR:</b> chocolate brown <br>
<b>CURRENT HAIR COLOR:</b> black <br>
<b>EYE COLOR:</b> dark brown <br>
<b>HEIGHT:</b> 5'2" (158 cm) <br>
<b>WEIGHT:</b> 99 lbs (48 kg) <br>
<b>DISTINGUISHING FEATURES:</b> pale almost porecelin skin, clear complexion <br>
<b>PIERCINGS:</b> two piercings in each ear <br>
<b>TATTOOS:</b> little heart on left ring finger <br>
<b>SCARS:</b> none <br>
<b>CLOTHING STYLE:</b> likes comfortable clothes, sometimes tight jeans with wedge heels <br>
<b>FACE CLAIM:</b> bae suzy <br>

<div class="insidetitle">\\ family & relationships \\</div>

<div class="insidetext"><p></p>

<b>FATHER:</b> henry lim, age 46, mafia boss <br>
<b>MOTHER:</b> amaia lim, age 46, homemaker <br>
<b>SIBLINGS:</b> none <br>
<b>CHILDREN:</b> none <br>
<b>EXTENDED FAMILY:</b> none <br>
<b>PETS:</b> Rick & Morty: dumbo rats, male <br>
<b>SEXUAL ORIENTATION:</b> pansexual <br>
<b>ROMANTIC ORIENTATION:</b> panromantic <br>
<b>RELATIONSHIP STATUS:</b> complicated <br>
<b>CURRENT PARTNER:</b> first last <br>
<b>PAST PARTNERS:</b> none <br>


<div class="insidetitle">\\ personality \\</div>

<div class="insidetext"><p></p>

<b>POSITIVE TRAITS:</b> intelligent, captivating, quiet, dedicated, dignified, forgiving, hardworking <p>
<b>NEGATIVE TRAITS:</b> anxious, nervous, calculating, fearful, gullible <p>
<b>LIKES:</b> alone time, studying, her pet rats, spending time with her parents, excelling in her classes, writing romantic fiction, lollipops, watching romantic films, practicing her hand writing, animals, working, watching football <p>
<b>DISLIKES:</b> parties, crowded places, talking about herself, meeting new people, attending events, school dances, dressing up, certain sports, alcoholic drinks, being teased <p>
<b>MYERS-BRIGGS:</b> ISTJ <br>
<b>HOGWARTS HOUSE:</b> ravenclaw <br>
<b>ELEMENT:</b> fire <br>
<b>ARCHETYPE:</b> the innocent <br>



<div class="Ntab">
<input type="radio" id="Ntab-2" name="Ntab-group-1">
<label for="Ntab-2"> <div style="margin-top:2px">history</div></label>
<div class="Ncontent">
<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"></div><p></p>

<div class="insidetext"><p></p>

<div class="insidetext">

♠ amaia lim met the love of her life nearly twenty-five years ago when she became involved with his best friend. an affair blossomed between them from the first time they ever made eye contact and from there, it was history. after battling through rough breakups and heartwarming makeups, they got to where they were today. twenty years ago, amaia was told that she would never be able to conceive a child, which forced a rift between the two for nearly a year before they inevitably made their way back to each other. they continued trying until their prayers were finally answered. <p>
♠ caia mirabelle lim was born known as “the miracle child”. after her mother having been deemed infertile, it was thought that the lims would never see a small miniature version of themselves running around. but caia defied the odds. after a number of problems during the pregnancy, and being birthed prematurely, caia broke through the difficult obstacles and came out a winner. she grew up spoiled, her parents giving her everything she could’ve ever wanted even though she was humble enough to be grateful for a roof over her head and food on her plate. even at such a young age, caia understood what it meant to have a place called home and parents who loved her wholeheartedly. <p>
♠ caia was first told of her father's business when she began her junior year, and although the legality of his doings was questionable, caia never doubted her father for a second. when he offered her a job working as his assistant in order for her to learn the ropes, she readily agreed and was determined to make her father proud. that is until she found out she’d be working with his right-hand man almost as much as she’d be working with her father. growing up, caia had always had an odd personality, whereas other kids made friends and played at recess, she preferred to be alone reading in a classroom. she avoided human interaction, and when she was fifteen, her parents brought her to a psychiatrist where she was diagnosed with social anxiety. <p>
♠ for most of her life, caia suffered from severe anxiety attacks and once her parents knew of the issue, they helped her as much as they could, and she couldn’t have been happier about the outcome. she finds herself wanting to leave the house more, as long as she has someone by her side to cling to if she starts to get nervous. when she met her father’s right-hand man, she instantly knew that the man made her nervous, really nervous. yet, not in a way where she felt threatened, rather because she found him attractive and she’d never been around someone she liked so much before. she wants to impress her father while also keeping her cool around him, but when he starts throwing hints towards her, it just seems to confuse her more. paired with the fact that she is trying to earn her degree in creative writing, caia has a lot on her plate. and it’s only a matter of time before she finds out whether it’s balanced correctly. <p>



<div class="Ntab">
<input type="radio" id="Ntab-3" name="Ntab-group-1">
<label for="Ntab-3"> <div style="margin-top:2px">shipper</div></label>
<div class="Ncontent">
<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"></div><p></p>

<div class="insidetitle">\\ FRIENDS \\</div><p></p>
<div class="insidetext">

due to her anxiety, caia is seemingly always nervous, and the feeling is only elevated around people that she doesn’t know. she hates crowds and will avoid anything having to do with lots of people, so it’s obvious that she wouldn’t have that many friends. there are a few choice people that she considers her friends, and those are the ones that she usually wants by her side if she ever wants to go out somewhere. she likes to have someone to cling too if she starts having an anxiety attack. she mostly would love kind, down-to-earth friends who would be able to handle her when she is at her worst, and someone she cand complain to about boy troubles if need be.


<div class="insidetitle">\\ ENEMIES \\</div><p></p>
<div class="insidetext">

caia is a simple person, she doesn’t hold grudges and she strays away from any altercations that are negative in any way. she is very soft spoken and only really speaks when spoken too, otherwise, she chooses to keep her mouth shut at all costs in fear of saying something stupid or embarrassing herself, which also is in part due to her anxiety. she constantly obsesses over the fact of whether she offended someone or not, and she tries her best to be a good person.


<div class="insidetitle">\\ LOVERS \\</div><p></p>
<div class="insidetext">

caia is super inexperienced when it comes to things like love or relationships. she is obsessed with all things romance, but she has never experienced anything of the sort. until she met her father’s right-hand man. he makes her feel the right kind of nervous rather than the everyday nervous she feels due to her anxiety. and recently, he has been dropping a few hints as to if he feels anything for her, which only seems to make her nerves around him worse. other than that, there’s nothing really to this section since caia is only nineteen, she has the world ahead of her.



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<label for="Ntab-4"> <div style="margin-top:2px">player</div></label>
<div class="Ncontent">
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<div class="insidetext">
<img src=""; position="absolute"; width="210px"; height="210px">

<div class="insidetitle2">ZEN</div><p>
<div class="insidetitle2">18</div><p>
<div class="insidetitle2">MATURE? YES</div><p>
<div class="insidetitle2">PACIFIC</div><p>




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