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 Member Groups
 Posted: May 3 2018, 11:08 PM
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member groups
here on Last Echo we have ten different member groups for you to choose from, all of which are based on several different Natural Disasters that occur around the world. along with a description of that said member group, there are various character traits to help you decide which group to pick. your character does not have to match the member group specifically, rather they are only a general outline. choose wisely.


tornados are spontaneous and hell bent on bringing all the attention to themselves. they tend to thrive in situations where they are considered the boss. they are manipulative to the core and always seem to leave nothing but destruction in their wake. tornados are prideful and naturally get whatever they want when they want it, but they also carry around an aura that demands respect. they live by the saying “if you respect me, i’ll respect you”.

Character Traits: Controlling, Independent, Destructive, Clumsy, Dignified, Innovative


volcanoes are prone to losing their temper when pushed the wrong way and they protect those that they care about with a fierce resistance. they tend to be overly passionate when it comes to their life goals, and they will stop at nothing to achieve what they desire the most. in relationships, they are incredibly loyal to their other half, but they also tend to dig their claws in when it feels like they’re about to lose something they love. volcanoes are super stubborn and will not take “no” for an answer in any given situation.

Character Traits: Short-Tempered, Passionate, Genuine, Loyal, Possessive, Stubborn


tsunamis are the workaholics of life, they bury themselves in mountains of work to make it seem like they have everything going for them. they are outgoing to an extent and can make friends with just about anyone that they meet. they are adaptable and are able to mold into any type of situation when necessary. that being said, tsunamis are quite gullible and prone to falling into traps that people play on them. they tend to fall into relationships without a care in the world and most of them always end up in disaster.

Character Traits: Hard Working, Gracious, Extrovert, Generous, , Gullible


hurricanes are incredibly intelligent and were the ones labeled “nerds” in high school. when it comes to their chosen careers, they tend to stray towards those that give a big payoff rather than what they truly want to do in life. hurricanes may come off as having a bit of a bite, but in reality they are soft and sweet. hurricanes tend to have strange hobbies or guilty pleasures that they may not be necessarily proud of. hurricanes are strong in the sense that they try not to let the opinions of others bring them down.

Character Traits: Realistic, Scholarly, Intelligent, Condescending, Strong-Willed, Quirky


floods are those that didn’t quite grow out of their shell when they were thrown out into the real world. their emotions are easy to reach when it comes to verbal altercations and they tend to stray away from those that will damage their precious minds. they are silent judgers, and choose to ignore the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”. floods tend to cooperate when put in peritive situations, and they can hold a grudge if they find it necessary, and once they have their teeth sunken in, they never let go.

Character Traits: Sensitive, Curious, Practical, Shy, Cooperative, Petty


earthquakes are best described as the loners of life, they stray away from crowds and would much rather be inside curled up next to the fireplace with a good book or an old classic film. they tend to be nervous when put in the spotlight and try to avoid being noticed at all costs. they thrive in independent situations and are responsible when it comes to carrying out their duties. when it comes to a job, they are incredibly punctual and will never be late no matter if they got no more than an hour of sleep the night before.

Character Traits: Inconsistent, Nervous, Secretive, Lone Wolf, Responsible, Punctual


blizzards are the cold and icy people of the world, paired with the ability to remain blunt and emotionless. though despite their obvious cold exterior, blizzards can be extremely loyal friends and a good shoulder to cry on. they don’t let people in often but when they do, they will consider you someone they need in their life and it will be hard to shake them. blizzards are able to capture all of the attention when stepping into a room and are known to be the life of a party as they love to mingle and keep the spotlight on themselves.

Character Traits: Blunt, Know-It-All, Outgoing, True Friend, Captivating, Partier


droughts tend to be more reserved when it comes to mingling with new people and making friends. they are incredibly devoted to their practice, and people rely on them when they are put into a tough spot. droughts are quite patient and able to wait for hours if it is worth the outcome. that being said, droughts tend to be very self-critical and worry about the little details when it comes to their work, they want everything to be perfect and in its place, some even to the degree of having OCD. they tend to dwell on the past and attempt to work out any misgivings they may have caused in order to soothe their regretful heart.

Character Traits: Patient, Devoted, Tenacious, Resourceful, Self-Critical, Regretful


landslides are the human definition of a sloth, using the motto “taking things slower is better” to an extreme degree. they could be better known as couch potatoes, preferring to lounge around rather than get any work done. they rely on the help of others to get through everyday life and rarely take care of things on their own initiative. they are the worst person to rely on as they almost always will let you down. they’re simply careless when it comes to being anything in life and they wouldn’t mind just being a nobody. they prefer to work at home (if they even work at all) and scarcely try to find a job outside of their home.

Character Traits: Careless, Lethargic, Dramatic, Undisciplined, Muddle-headed, Leisurely


wildfires are uncontrollable. they absolutely hate being tied down which is why they never engage with others in anything more than a fling or just straight sex. they get bored easily and can never find something to quench their insatiable thirst for adventure. they’re reckless at heart and love anything that gives them the rush of a lifetime. they never want to take the easy way out, rather they will go down fighting in the end. they live honestly to the tune of “YOLO” and will stop at nothing to complete all of the items on their bucket list, all the while dragging along their buddies. they incredibly humorous and can make just about anyone laugh, living seriously as a class clown.

Character Traits: Uncontrollable, Adventurous, Humorous, Reckless, Aloof, Zany

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