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 Face Claim
 Posted: May 3 2018, 12:27 PM
eighteen years
yubaba's henchman
living as one
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"once you've met never really forget them"

face claim
last echo
this is really simple. post in code, reserves last two days and it's not mandatory to post your requested faces here either, it's just nice for guests to see who is really wanted and stuff like that. remember that it is your profile url, not app! yeah, pretty sure you know the rules anyway.
andy biersack portrays nyle slater
alex evans portrays evan kane
troye sivan portrays percival norwood
jack falahee portrays kieran waterman
timothy granaderos portrays sollan haywood
chris hemsworth portrays ace everhart
avan jogia portrays seth grimm

suzy bae portrays caia lim
alexa bliss portrays ravyn halle
emma dumont portrays maribel adelson
billie eilish portrays salem mckinney
ashley frangipane portrays september harlow
allison harvard portrays lorelai d'augustine
sarah hyland portrays ashlyn hart
chanel iman portrays dayanara mori
madelaine petsch portrays lotus meadows
lacey rogers portrays lauressa wheelock
amanda steele portrays lyssa blanchard
bella thorne portrays harmony orland
first last | alias | dd/mm
first last | alias | dd/mm
first last | alias | dd/mm
first last | alias | dd/mm
the codes
<br><a href="link to profile">first last</a> portrays character first last
<br>first last | alias | dd/mm
© darren criss
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