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 Posted: May 2 2018, 11:07 PM
eighteen years
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"once you've met never really forget them"

plot + setting
Last Echo

Last Echo is a real life, Colorado Springs-based site on jcink premium. We are completely character driven with a no word count policy that depends on our members to make a wholesome community that people enjoy to be a part of. Our site, while it doesn’t have an overarching site plot, does offer mini suplots for our members to take part in as well as the numerous other plots that our members create. We encourage those to join and take part in the fun that is roleplaying with others online. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, no one here will judge you for being who you are.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is one of the largest cities in Colorado when it comes to area and is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Known as Little London in its early days, the city was founded in 1871 as a resort town by Civil War hero, General William J. Palmer. Today, Olympic City USA is home to more than 55 unique things to see and do. It’s full of rich varieties of cultural, educational, and historical attractions for all ages to enjoy. Enjoy stunning natural scenery, endless blue skies and exciting choices for outdoor adventure. See where Olympic dreams are born and discover all that Colorado’s second-largest city has to offer.

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