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 My Heart Is Gold And My Hands Are Cold, tag: september/zen
 Posted: May 30 2018, 01:01 AM
seventeen years
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Djinn // Offline
"i hope someday i

Salem paced the floor of her room, biting her thumb nail anxiously as she tried to work out a cohesive plan that she might actually be able to pull off. Her eyes kept moving back and forth between her feet and her phone that lay on her bed a few feet away. She could hear crashing and thumping coming from the main floor of her home, meaning her father was on a rampage because of their fight. Salem wasn’t even sure how it began, but all of a sudden she was being yelled at, and then she was running to her room with steam coming out of her ears. Figuratively, of course. And now, she was coming up with an outrageous plan to drive to Colorado in order to be with her girlfriend.

Salem couldn’t stand being in this house one more second and when she finally came to the decision confidently, she was throwing clothes haphazardly in a duffel bag, and gathering all of the money she’d saved over the years, which was enough to get her a bus ticket to Colorado Springs. Her heart was racing and her anger was fueling her fire as she gathered all her toiletries, devices (laptop, phone, 3DS, etc.). When she was finally finished, she locked her door and pushed open the window. The drop down wasn’t far and she gracefully reached the grass without any external injuries. Once she was far enough away from the house, she cried out with glee, happy to finally be free from the shackles of her father.

There was a bright smile on her face as she made her way through the neighborhood. Considering they lived on the outskirts of the city, there would be a bus station nearby and she could probably make it there in under an hour if she hustled. Her feet propelled her forward as she thought about finally being able to see her girlfriend in person. It’s only been the number one thing on her mind ever since they started talking, and then when Ember finally made the first move, Salem couldn’t think of anything else except being able to hug her, being able to kiss her.

The bus station was deserted by the time Salem reached it, but thankfully the next bus would arrive in about an hour’s time. Seated in a waiting chair, Salem couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with excitement. Colorado Springs here I come!

 Posted: May 30 2018, 02:14 AM
twenty-four years
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"my neck, the feeling of your soft lips. illuminated in the light, bouncing off the exit sign i missed"

better in time

Ember leant back against the couch cushions, grasping for her phone to check it for the umpteenth time to see if Salem had messaged her. It’d been over twenty-four hours since their they last talked and although Salem had told her the her dad took her phone away, Ember couldn’t help but worry. The two had never gone this long without at least one text and it was starting to get to the blue-haired woman. She sighed heavily when she saw now new messaged and tossed her phone on the love seat, throwing her head back and closing her eyes.

She had been supposed to go out and photograph some pictures for a website, but her mind was preoccupied by the fact that her girlfriend was probably on house arrest and suffering because they couldn’t talk. Ember heard a small whine as Waffle came to her side, asking to go up on the couch with those big brown eyes of his. Ember picked her head up and glanced at the puppy, smiling a little as she patted her lap to give him permission. He instantly jumped up and started licking all over her face, desperately trying to make his owner feel better. The blue-haired girl couldn’t help but laugh and rub the corgi all over, he always knew just how to cheer her up.

Deciding not to mope around for the rest of the day, Ember set up her camera and began filming for her next video. A nice, old fashioned q & a. She hadn’t done one in a while and people were filling up her inbox on instagram, twitter, and facebook with questions. The sun was just beginning to set as she answered the first question, and by the time she was halfway through, it was already past seven o’clock. ”Oh, here’s a popular one, I’ve seen just about five hundred. Are you in a relationship?” Ember laughed and brightly smiled, contemplating whether or not to actually admit the truth. ”Let’s see…..” She was just about to answer when the doorbell rang and Waffle hopped up, yelping excitedly at the prospect of visitors.

Without bothering to stop rolling (she’d just edit it out anyway), Ember headed to the front door, skipping the part where she checked through the peephole and swung open the door.

Notes: first meeting <3
yuki of shadowplay

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