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 Here's To The Lonely Hearts, 5/6 roommates needed!
 Posted: May 15 2018, 05:07 PM
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"anger doesn


This ad is going to be very simply laid out. The characters I’m requesting are going to be Sollan’s roommates. The house itself has 4 bedrooms, two of which have two beds in each. Two bedrooms are on the main floor, and two are on the top. It could just be considered a trash baby house to be completely honest. The house has residents that come and go, and those who are living in the house at the time will split the rent (the mortgage payment really) amongst themselves. The house is also bound to have more than six residents because of romantic relationships and whatnot.

This ad is completely open to anybody who wishes to be a part of this awesome plot. That being said, those who want to join should be comfortable with potentially triggering topics such as drug use, lgbtqia individuals, parties, a lot of drinking, mental disorders or other disorders of the sort. There isn’t a rule where your character must engage with the activities, but they at least have to be okay with living with it. They probably also love to hang out and go to parties together. Basically everyone who lives in the house is one big family, and everyone looks out for each other.

Ages are open, occupations are open (as long as they are able to keep up their share of the rent), genders, personalities, anybody is welcome! Be ready for a good time with a bunch of trash babies to share drama plots with!


Bedroom One 1/1

Sollan Haywood . bartender . 26 . timothy granaderos . zen

Bedroom Two 0/1

NAME HERE . occupation . age . face claim . alias


Bedroom One 0/2

NAME HERE . occupation . age . face claim . alias
NAME HERE . occupation . age . face claim . alias

Bedroom Two 0/2

NAME HERE . occupation . age . face claim . alias
NAME HERE . occupation . age . face claim . alias

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